Rhiw Valley Light Railway


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Sponsor a Sleeper campaign launched

“Become a Sleeping Partner”

The “Friends of the Rhiw Valley Light Railway” are delighted to announce the launch of their “Sponsor a Sleeper” campaign to help raise funds. Full details of this exciting appeal can be found here.

OPEN DAY September 2012

What a fantastic weekend we had. The sun shone, record numbers of people attended, we took more money than we have ever done before on an Open Weekend and we had a visit from a 1950's Midland Red Bus. Fabulous.

There was of course the odd problem but things wouldn't have seemed right if something hadn't gone wrong. After running well all day Saturday we lost a pin from Powys's valve gear during Sunday afternoon and had to press Monty in to service to help out with the service. Unfortunately we couldn't find the missing pin so Powys's valve gear has been placed on the winter jobs list. A piece of "Farmers Friend" was employed to hold part of the valve gear off the ground so that Powys could be returned to the shed.  After a couple of runs Monty too decided not to play and as a result running, for the last few trains, was restricted to Jack only.

Can I please say a very big thank you to all the volunteers who turned out to help run the railway over the weekend. It was a big effort and everyone had a great time.

OPEN DAY September 2011

We had a really successful open weekend, well apart from the odd derailment, and we managed to raise just over £1000 for the Motor Neurone Association. Our thanks go out to everyone who supported us and helped to make this such a successful weekend.  We are particularly grateful to all the volunteers who gave their time to help run the railway for the two days. It was great to see the members of the Triumph Classic Car Club and we thank them for bringing their cars and supporting such a good cause.

A great set of photos taken by Cliff Chapman which cover all aspects of our September 2011 Open Day are available to look at here and Photographs by Ray Prichard and Stuart Chapman can be seen here.