Rhiw Valley Light Railway
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Friends of the Rhiw Valley Light Railway

Mission Statement

To assist the Rhiw Valley Light Railway by providing a vehicle for volunteers to help with the maintenance, development and operation of the railway and to raise funding for the development of the railway.

To help preserve and maintain the heritage of the minimum gauge steam railway as pioneered by Sir Arthur Heywood and others. To preserve and maintain the heritage of the narrow gauge steam railways of the U.K. Such as the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, the Welsh Highland Railway and the Great Little Trains of Wales.

To preserve the skills needed to maintain, develop and operate a minimum gauge steam railway and to give to all the opportunity to learn these skills and use them on a working railway.

To give people the opportunity to learn about the heritage of steam railways.

To conserve the heritage of minimum gauge steam railways for present and future generations by giving access to all to take an active role in the conservation, development and operation of a minimum gauge steam railway by helping the railway to provide a unique experience for all through Open Days, Driver Experience Courses, Work Experience Weekends, Steam Enthusiasts Weekends and Special Steam Railway Themed Events.