Rhiw Valley Light Railway
Terence our 1950's FergieTerence our 1950's FergieTerence our 1950's Fergie

For Sale


We have approximately 400 metres of 16lb rail for sale and a large quantity of fishplates. Please email mike@rvlr.co.uk for details.


We have two coach frames for sale. They are both made from 4” steel channelling one frame is 12’ 6” by 3’ and the other 12’ 6” by 2’ 6”. Both are in excellent condition.

Water Tower

We have a scale water tower for sale. Made by Martin Evans (Yes.. The Martin Evans). This is a rare opportunity to purchase a model made by one of the most famous model engineers in this country.

Ferguson Tractor

Ferguson TE20 tractor. 1952.TVO/Petrol. With bucket loader and forklift attachment. Just had £800 spent on it. Offers around £2500.

Anyone interested in any items on this page should contact Mike Woodroffe at mike@rvlr.co.uk for further details.